Attorney Peter Calo’s philosophy is that good people can make mistakes, and a mistake should not affect someone for the rest of his or her life. If an individual does make a mistake, he or she deserves the best possible legal representation.

Do not let a mistake ruin the rest of your life.  Hire an attorney that understands your situation and will provide you the best legal counsel. Contact him today for a free consultation.

Peter also realizes that people are sometimes falsely charged.  Either the police erroneously charge the wrong crime or even worse, arrest someone who is innocent.  Attorney Peter Calo will vigorously fight for you should you find yourself in this unfortunate position.

Being charged with a criminal offense is a serious matter.  You need a qualified attorney to represent you and protect your rights.  When you hire Attorney Peter Calo you hire an attorney with a unique background of law enforcement.  He will use his 25 years of law enforcement knowledge and experience along with his attorney skills to provide you with outstanding legal counsel.

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